Organic viticulture

Organic viticulture gives up pesticides, herbicides and synthetic products; and uses to protect the vine only elements found in nature such as sulfur and copper. The only treatments allowed are the contact products – which can not be washed away by the rain – which do not penetrate the plant.

Weeding is done mechanically – sometimes even manually! – using a plowing frame that cuts the roots of the grass in the rows. Between each strain, another tool, the inter-cep, does the same job. If you cross a little grass in a vineyard, do not worry, it is “clean”, in good shape and preserves its bio diversity. Controlling weeding also makes it possible not to compete with the vine in water and nutrients!

In the cellar, organic winemaking results in the limitation of inputs during fermentation and a reduction of sulfur doses – the famous sulphites; however, it remains well authorized. As a reminder, it protects the wine against oxidation and preserves all the taste qualities! Thus, making wine from ultra-healthy grapes, harvested and sorted manually is the best way to limit the addition of sulphites.

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